If you have ever read that the white spots on your nails are because you have a calcium deficiency, that could not be further from the truth. If that's the case, than what are those white spots all about?

They are, according to dermatologists, harmless and merely a sign of minor trauma to the nail plate. It will grow out as the nail itself grows out. They are common and nothing to worry yourself over. Think about it like when you fold a piece of clear plastic and see a white spot on it from where you folded it.

If the mark on your nail is not white, but instead dark in color, that is when you may want to worry. It could be a sign of cancer (don't panic!). Make an appointment to see a dermatologist when you have dark marks, like a black, brown or purple band around your nail.

Otherwise, fret not! Your nails will grow out and be beautiful once more!

(via She Finds)

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