Right now we're all staying socially distant, but we don't want to come off cold, right? So if you see someone outside on a hiking trail (fresh air is good for you!) or your neighbor is trimming their hedges and they see you taking out the trash, there are a few ways you can greet someone without touching them.

  • Salute the person (if it calls for it) and thank them for their service if they served in the military at all. It can be a sign of respect in these next couple weeks when both you and your neighbor, friend, or family member might not be interacting with many people.
  • Smile and throw up a peace sign to let those around you that you come in peace and are still friendly despite the distance between you and them. It's a crazy time we're living in (this is history!) and we all need to stay friendly even if we're staying distant from one another.
  • Wave is the tried and true neighborly way to greet someone from afar. You're acknowledging the other person without inviting them closer to you. It's probably the least awkward way to say hello to someone when hugging, hand shaking and kissing are off the table for a while.

Social distancing is so, so important right now with the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire. So while none of us want to be rude, we all want to be safe.

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