This time of the year, we're all in the giving season: whether that means finding the best and greatest toy for your nephew or donating to your local food kitchen. If giving non-perishable donations is your good deed of choice this time of the year, Bustle and I want you to know that there are some items that (unfortunately) a food bank can't accept.

  • Dented or damaged goods because that can compromise the integrity of their packaging and possibly spoil the food that is inside it. If you would question feeding it to your family, don't donate it to feed other families.
  • Items packaged in glass as that can be fragile and break more easily than tin or cardboard. While some of the best foods come in glass (jams, jellies, maraschino cherries), they can become a safety hazard in transportation.
  • Unlabeled items such as canned goods that have lost their paper wrapping. You don't know... could it be green beans or baked beans!? Without the nutritional label, those with allergies will not know if they can consume what's inside the unlabeled container or not.

Your good intentions are there when you donate to your local food bank, but even those with the best of intentions can donate non-perishable foods that just cannot be used.

(via Bustle)

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