What you find important in a relationship may not be what maintains a relationship for the long-term. Bustle explains that there are some weird things that can prove your relationship will last that you may not have realized before.

  • Moving at similar speeds when it comes to your life goals such as when you see yourself getting married, buying a house, etc. If your partner wants to rent their whole life, but your want to own a house by the time you turn thirty, that could be a roadblock for the relationship.
  • Being a homebody or the life of the party because you might like to stay out until dawn, but your partner may like to turn in at 10pm every night regardless of if they work the next day or not. Going out alone all the time or leaving a party separately can take a toll on a relationship if you both aren't on the same page.
  • Similar hygiene habits can affect a relationship more than you might originally realize because if you like to shower before you go to sleep and your partner gets sweaty at the gym and then hops into the bed, you might feel more gross than before you even showered. Discussing grooming habits can help keep you guys both feeling good and clean.

I always thought that having the same taste in music was incredibly important for a relationship, but at the end of the day, my fiancé and I both tolerate each other's music preferences and have a stronger relationship than I've ever had with anyone else. What you think is important may not always be the most important thing.

(via Bustle)

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