When I was a kid, the goal on Halloween was to get as much candy as possible. It didn't even matter what kind of candy, just get a lot.

If there was stuff you didn't like, all you had to do was trade it with someone. It was so much fun eating candy day in and day out anytime you wanted some.

Well, a dentist is saying that is a bad idea. But, their alternative is something I never thought I would ever think I would hear from a medical professional.

According to Time.com, Anna Berik is a dentist in Boston.  And her advice is to eat ALL of your Halloween candy in one sitting.


"It's less cavity-causing than spreading that candy out over the next three months and having sugar in your mouth day after day after day."

If that is not an option for you and you have to use portion control and self-restraint, here's her advice:  Brush your teeth after every single piece.

[via: Time]

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