Have you recently said "yes" to a proposal? If so, you may want to start planning everything right away. However, depending on the wedding date that you and your fiancé have chosen, there are some things that can wait to avoid some unnecessary stress.

  • Choosing your bridesmaids which for anyone can be a hard decision. How many is too many? And who should be the maid of honor? Think these things over for a few weeks. I promise, it can wait.
  • Buying your dress, something that will probably be hard for you not to do because you're just so excited after getting engaged. Shop carefully though, and don't buy the first dress that you try on! (Of course sometimes the first one is the one!)
  • Setting up your seating chart because there will be cancellations, last-minute plus-ones, etc. which will throw everything off if you plan the seating arrangements too far in advance. You got this!
  • Your "first dance" song as well as all of the other music for your wedding is one of the things that can be tweaked and changed up to the last minute. Now, I wouldn't suggest last minute changes (stress, stress, stress!), but this is something that could change the day-of even if you needed it to.
  • Buying anything edible; even though you might have found the perfect truffles for your wedding favors, don't buy them a year out from the wedding date. They could melt, freeze or any number of other things. You want the freshest edibles for your guests, right? So hold off a little on this one.

Weddings are exciting! And I don't blame you for wanting to do everything right away because I'm sure you've been dreaming of all of this for years. You'll get it all done though, I promise. It'll all happen soon enough, and before you know it, it'll all be over and you'll be married!

(via The Knot)

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