Have you recently said "yes"? Right now your head is probably spinning, and you are flipping through every wedding magazine that you can get your hands on. Being engaged can be such a fun and exciting time for you, but there are a few things that change once you get engaged that you may not realize.

  • Your left hand becomes the center of attention. While everyone will be excited for you, they will also want to see the ring that your partner got for you!
  • You will use the word "fiancée" every chance that you can. It's no longer your "boyfriend" or "girlfriend", it's your fiancée!
  • Time will start to move faster. With a wedding to plan now, time will feel like it's flying by! You have to have a dress picked out how far in advance? Your dream wedding venue is booked how far in advance?
  • You'll be asked a ton of questions. Everyone will want to know how he proposed, when and where you two are getting married, if you picked out your dress yet, the list goes on!

Don't fret about these new changes though. This is the best time of your life right now!

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