The wedding is over! The photos were beautiful! Now you are starting the first year of your life together forever. Here is a bucket list for all newlyweds to help get you settled into the married life.

  • Celebrate the milestones like when he proposed, your first date, your first kiss, etc. Take this year to look back on all the good memories that you made while dating.
  • Build a home together, whether that's an apartment or a mortgage, settle in to a place where you can grow together (and start a family in if you choose to).
  • Talk about kids, I'm sure you did this prior to getting married, but talk about it again and more in depth.
  • Stay spontaneous! Continue to have fun! Marriage is not a death sentence!
  • Remember that nothing is perfect and that just because you're married now, doesn't mean that all of the problems go away.
  • Put those registry gifts to good use and use that quesadilla maker/cake pop maker/waffle maker that you asked for even though you thought you'd never use it.
  • Kiss often and try to keep that spark alive.

Just remember, your adventure together has just begun.

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