Adding a pet to a relationship comes with a lot of new responsibilities and makes the relationship more serious now that you both have to take care of a raise an animal together. Bustle explains that there are ways in which your relationship changes once you get a pet together.

  • You'll be less spontaneous at least for a little while because you have someone at home waiting for you to play with them, feed them and take them outside to do their business. It may feel annoying to have to make plans further ahead than you could have done before, but that pet now depends on you.
  • Resentment can build if you feel like you're doing more of the work caring for your new pet than your partner is, or if they are going out more leaving you home with the new dog or cat to care for. Communicating your expectations of how to raise this new animal is so important before you bring the pet home.
  • It can create a stronger bond between you two while you learn how to take care of the new dog or cat together. It can show you another side of your partner as they nurture and love this new pet.

A pet is a much bigger commitment than most because cats and dogs can live to be over ten years old. Hopefully this is a great new step for your relationship to take.

(via Bustle)

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