There is an issue with how much plastic we use as a society. Thankfully, there are ways we can start to use less and hopefully help curb the consumption of plastic. Bustle says that there are ways we can start using less plastic in our everyday lives without really noticing it.

  • Reusable shopping bags will save you dozens of plastic grocery bags every week, and the hardest part is just remembering to bring them with you when you go to the store!
  • Get a reusable water bottle can take the place of hundreds of plastic water bottles depending on how often you reuse the bottle. Reusable water bottles come in thousands of designs and styles at this point that you're bound to find one that you like!
  • Avoid take-out because what do you do with those plastic containers after you eat your dinner? Exactly, they either end up in the recycling bin if you rinse them out or into the trash. It's definitely more eco-friendly to try replicating your favorite take-out meals at home, and I'm sure it's also much healthier as well!

So much plastic is ending up in the landfills and rivers, and we can definitely learn to use less plastic in order to curb our consumption.

(via Bustle)

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