Life can often get in the way of us being more reliable. Bustle says that if you want more people to be able to depend on and rely on you, that there are some things which you can do.

  • Say "no" more often as that can limit your commitments and saying "no" at the beginning instead of letting someone down further down the road can help you avoid them feeling disappointed.
  • Set deadlines for when you can follow-up with your e-mails or text messages. This way you are reminded to get back to people so that you put in the effort to show them that you care enough to respond.
  • Plan to arrive early to avoid getting there late. If you're chronically late to events, try to plan on arriving earlier that way you'll be right on time without any added stress.

Becoming more reliable will take time and a little bit of effort, but if it is important to you, then you will find strategies that work to get the job done.

(via Bustle)

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