When life gets too busy, finding any time at all to relax can sound like a joke. Bustle says that there are some great ways to squeeze in a little relaxation though, because you deserve it.

  • Record how you spend your time so that you can figure out where you waste minutes or hours and find a way to be more productive with what time you have. Maybe you could learn to meal prep on the weekends to save yourself an hour every night instead of working up a sweat in the kitchen every night?
  • Say no every once in a while when someone asks for your time and you simply don't have it! Don't overwork yourself on someone else's account. Learn that saying no is okay, and embrace that feeling of relief when you don't overstretch yourself.
  • Enjoy your shower in the morning (or at night) because that might be the only time that you have for yourself all day long. Take the extra thirty seconds and revel in it, everything else can wait for you.

A moment to yourself, a cup of tea in the evening, or that square of dark chocolate that you can sit down and indulge in, whatever it is, you can always find time for it and let yourself relax.

(via Bustle)

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