Whether or not you live with your partner, being able to relax and night and sleep next to them can be one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day. Bustle says that there are ways to feel connected to your partner during your night time routine.

  • Shower or bathe together if you like to clean off after the work day. Spending time in the steaming shower can be relaxing for both of you and the heat can get you both prepared to go to bed and cuddle up.
  • Read a book together while laying in bed. There's something ultimately soothing about reading to your partner (as opposed to just watching a television show or movie together) that can get you tired and ready to doze off.
  • Go to bed at the same time if your schedules allow for it because having to sneak into the room an hour or two after your partner has fallen asleep and worrying about waking them up is really more nerve wracking than relaxing.

Both you and your partner need to get ready for bed, so why not make it a point to reconnect?

(via Bustle)

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