For many people, stress is a normal part of our lives. Stress can mess with our hormones, our digestion, our sleep and many other parts our bodies. Bustle believes that there are ways in which we stress ourselves out that we don't have to do.

  • Underestimating time and then running late to an important event is one thing that stresses us out. No one likes to be late. Plan further ahead, start getting ready earlier, and then you can arrive on time stress-free.
  • Saying "yes" all the time and overscheduling yourself can be stressful. Remember, you can always decline doing something for someone else. It is healthy to say "no" once in a while, you will not be criticized for it.
  • Being inflexible because sometimes plans change at the last minute and you have to go with the flow about it. It's not ideal, but stressing yourself out over the plans changing does no one any good.

Always being stressed out just makes life harder for yourself than it has to be. Take things a day at a time, learn to say "no" and you'll find yourself happier and less stressed in no time at all.

(via Bustle)

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