If you want some insight on whether or not your next diet will fail or not, just look out your window.

You are probably like, "WHAT?" But, it's true.

Don't look in your refrigerator look around your neighborhood. A recent study adds weight to the theory that where you live can make you fat.

Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo looked at women's weight in relation to grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants within a 5 minute walk from their homes. The researchers found that those who lived closest to a supermarket had a lower body mass index than women who lived next to a convenience store, which typically only offers canned and processed foods.

Bulging bellies were also associated with how close the women were to restaurant row. "The greater number of restaurants within a 5 minute walk, the higher the woman's BMI," says researcher and study author Samina Raja. While obesity has long been seen as an individual's choice and lack of willpower this research shows that widening waistlines are a direct result of access to healthy food.

What do you think of this study?

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