You went to class every day, you took notes, and you still feel like you retained nothing all semester long. Resources to Recover has a few good study tricks if you feel like you may be having test anxiety.

  • Start with meditation to help relax your mind and body before you go into a study session. If you're already stressed and nervous, you won't take in much while you study. The meditation will help you focus on the task at hand.
  • Take naps which may seem counterintuitive, but one long study session won't be as productive as many smaller sessions. If you're tired, your brain will be thinking about sleep and not about science, psychology, or whatever it is that you're studying.
  • Do a practice test because the best way to conquer your fears of the test is to face them head on for a practice round. If you do well, then there's nothing stopping you! If you don't do as well, then you know where you can improve to try again before the real thing.

Final exam week is probably the worst time of the year at college, but you can pass these finals! Good luck!

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