Before you spend your day in the kitchen cooking for Thanksgiving, you should treat yourself a little bit. Here are a few ways to do so.

  • Get plenty of sleep because chances are, you are going to have a long day ahead of you, cooking and dealing with family.
  • Take a brisk walk first thing in the morning. You'll be able to take in the beautiful fall weather, breathe cold air into your lungs, and enjoy the calm before the storm.
  • Eat some pie! Steal a slice for breakfast before everyone else has a chance. You deserve it!
  • Play some music that'll make you happy while you're in the kitchen. You'll enjoy the day more when you put on music that you enjoy.
  • Schedule in time for a shower which all of your guests will thank you for.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a good day, nothing too hectic even though you'll have a lot to do. Enjoy it! Eat all the pie that your heart desires.

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