Our morning show starts at 5 a.m., which means I am getting up, ready and out the door by 4 a.m. (sad I know hahah!), and it can be VERYYYY difficult to get fully awake that early and be ready for work. So i started doing a little bit of research on the best ways to wake myself up in the morning!

I've tried a shower in the morning, driving with the windows way down, shit if espresso that early, but nothing seems to wake me up in a quick and easy way... until now! haha And the trick is something I have tried before... just a tad different!!!

90-seconds in the shower!!


This trick supposedly wakes you up even better than a normal shower would, but the downside is that it sounds a bit like torture...

First, you need to shower like normal, but before you get out, blast yourself with COLD water for 30 seconds! Then switch back to hot water for 30 seconds, and finally end with another 30-second blast of cold. Sounds terrifying right?!

So that's 30 seconds of cold... 30 seconds of hot... and 30 seconds of cold again!

Obviously the cold water alone would wake you up, but by switching back and forth between hot and cold works better, because it increases blood flow. Which explains why just a simple warm shower doesn't wake me up or a simple cold shower!

The worst part is that I truly believe this works, however the trying it part sounds scary and already cold and painful haha! So if any of you try it, let me know because you'll probably tackle the task before me!


[VIA: indy100 ]