If you need to resort to this to be a beautiful bride, then you have problems! I feel bad for you!

It's Weddings Month, and a trend has started where in a desperate bid to look sexy and slender, brides are picking their tubbiest friends to be their bridesmaids.

According to The Daily Caller, that's the discovery of a survey by the Slim-Fast diet folks. "If you're a bride, all eyes are going to be on you on that day and this can make a lot of women feel very self conscious," says Slim-Fast nutritionist Fiona Hunter.

"Women are obviously feeling such pressure to look good on their big day that they're resorting to selecting bridesmaids larger than themselves. It's very sad and a real shame. It's a worrying new trend." But it's not just the bride who frets about looking good at the wedding.

The survey found that 20 percent of female guests go on a diet beforehand so they'll look more attractive at the ceremony. Hunter adds that "this obsession with being slender and skinny is a modern thing."

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