Who would have thought that all these years later, the guy who took our school photos and told us to "smile" was wrong.

You don't have to believe that they were wrong, but just know that if you smile in a photo you will look older. So, the important question is would you rather look happy or older?

According to a study from Western University, when you smile in a photo, it makes you look OLD.  The researchers found that when someone smiled in a picture, strangers guessed they were an average of one year older than they were.

Why?  The researchers say it's because when you're smiling, it really accentuates any WRINKLES in your face.

So what facial expression should you make to look younger?  The researchers found that when people made a SURPRISED face, it knocked two years off their age . . . because it smooths out all of your wrinkles.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to sue a photographer for telling people to "smile" all these years.

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