I don't know about you, but male cosmetic counters don't really surprise me at all. I had a friend who would use some sort of cosmetic cream so his eyes wouldn't look too old.

I have never used any sort of cosmetics, but I will admit that I do wax my eyebrows. But, before you judge, just know that before I wax them it's just one long one eyebrow.

I know most men have never even been to a cosmetic counter in a department store, but it seems to be more popular than ever for a guy to wear a little make-up.

According to an article I recently read in The Telegraph, cosmetic counters for men might be a common thing very soon.

"The taboos are disappearing around men using make-up . . . so soon enough, guys are going to want more choices and expert advice."

If they have something to cover up my second chin, then you will probably see me at one of those counters.

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