I think I speak for all guys when I say, "What the hell is a split end?" But, every woman knows what one is and can spot them a mile away.

According to Women's Health, the average person grows 395 inches of hair over the course of their lifetime, but most of it will end up in a landfill. And, that's where Green Circle Salons comes in.

They help hairstylists recycle old tips. Salon owners simply ship cut-off strands to the company; Green Circle uses them to create "hair booms" imagine a stocking stuffed with hair strands.

"Because hair can absorb and hold an incredible amount of oil (anyone who's gone a week without shampooing can attest to this.)."

Green Circle sends out the booms to help sop up oil spills around the globe. There are over 1,600 participating salons throughout North America; to find one near you, go to greencirclesalons.ca.

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