I want to be happy just like the next guy, but I am just not sure how far I will go to get there.

According to the Daily Mirror, If you truly want to be happier, here's an easy fix:  Show off your junk to a bunch of strangers.  Legally, of course.

A new study found that when people participated in NUDIST activities, it made them more satisfied with their bodies . . . and that led to them being more satisfied and happy with their lives overall.  And the more time they were nude, the happier they were.

The researchers say, quote, "Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction."  So when you get naked in front of strangers, it helps you overcome your body image issues and that translates to a happier life.

I wonder if this technique really works? I have a couple people in mind that I would like to see try it. And, if it works then I'll strip down.

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