Do you have a good side, when it comes to taking a picture? If you are like me then your good side is no side. This might be able to help with your dating profile pic.

If you are wondering why your dating profile is being passed over, it could be your photo. But, don't could be an easy fix.

According to the website, The ideal photo if you're a GUY is one where you're looking straight at the camera, and smiling without showing your teeth.  But women should do the OPPOSITE . . . look away from the camera and show their teeth.

The numbers are overwhelming when you use a dating profile pic like that.

On the flip side, a few things that DON'T do well with men or women are pictures in sunglasses . . . pictures with crazy filters . . . photos at the beach . . . photos with someone who might be an ex . . . and selfies in general.  But especially BATHROOM selfies where you take a shot of yourself looking in the mirror.



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