Everyone is expected to do more and "wear more hats" in the workplace. But, we are constantly be distracted by different things in the office.

Our co-workers are the biggest reason we are distracted at work. Specifically, the noises they make.

The number one distraction in any office is your colleagues. The sounds other people make -- from talking on the phone to burping -- is the top distraction in the workplace, reports NPR, which consulted a number of experts who all came up with the same answer to this question.

Noises made by human beings are far more distracting to us than noises made by machines because we are more attuned to manmade sounds, Alan Hedge, a workplace design expert from Cornell University, explained to NPR. The days of an office having four walls, a window and a door are long gone unless you're the boss.

The rest of us work in cubes or pods or even open spaces with nothing but air separating the desks. And we don't like it. It's not only difficult to concentrate with all that activity swirling around us, but also it's far easier to catch a cold or the flu with all those germs being spread our way. What are some of the most irritable noises? Several experts cited the following:

  • Munching on carrots
  • Flatulence
  • Hacking cough
  • Personal phone conversations

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