Self-care is something that you should be aware of all the time, not only just when you have some free time. Bustle has some tips for taking care of your mental health while at work.

  • Take your lunch break even though you might be swamped at work and it would just be easier to work through your lunch. Don't. And while you're at it, take that lunch break away from your desk. Get some fresh air outside, or at the very least, stretch your legs somewhere else in the building.
  • Decorate your workspace as a way to make it more pleasant for you to be in. Tack up photos of your loved ones (pets included!) and consider getting a plant that you need to water and take care of.
  • Chat with your co-workers about things that are unrelated to your work every once in a while. Having an acquaintance at work that you can share your weekend plans with makes all the difference in whether or not you look forward to going to work in the morning.

Your job can sometimes be very stressful, and maybe even a little overwhelming, so it is essential to know how to practice self-care while at work. If you're not in the right head space, then your work won't be as great as it could be.

(via Bustle)

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