You spend about a third of your day at work, so naturally, you interact with your co-workers a lot. Sometimes you even go out for a drink with them after work as well. But, Bustle warns that there are some things you should just never tell your co-workers, no matter how often you talk to them.

  • That you're searching for a new job because if your boss catches wind of it, no matter what the reason is for you wanting to leave, there may be some serious workplace tension...especially if you don't end up leaving.
  • How hungover you are is not something to announce to a co-worker unless you want that kind of reputation at work. You don't seem impressive or like you really care about your job at all.
  • About that big "celebration" that you're having in a few months because unless you want to invite everyone from your office, you might be better off keeping quiet to avoid any hurt feelings.

While it may not be always as fun, sometimes it is best to stick to work-appropriate topics when talking to your co-workers.

(via Bustle)

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