During the wintertime, we can all agree that a hot bath sounds glorious, but when summer comes and brings its' heat, taking a bath is the last thing that we think about. Bustle says that we should think about taking them in the summer as well because it could be good for our health!

Hot water immersion has positive effects to your cardiovascular system. Taking five baths a week can help decrease your risk for heart attacks and strokes, as well as lower your blood pressure.

Similar to using a sauna, taking a bath at home can increase your core temperature and heart rate, and redistribute your blood flow throughout your body. For those of us who are not regularly physically active, a hot bath could provide some of the benefits similar to exercise.

Those physically able to exercise should not opt to taking a bath instead of being active, but it is incredible to know that some of the same benefits can be obtained from a hot bath for those less able to exercise.

So while taking a cold shower could wake you up in the morning, taking a hot bath at night may very well help you live longer!

(via Bustle)

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