Distance can challenge even the most solid and committed of relationships. Once you're reunited, it may be even harder to readjust your lifestyle to physically fit them in it. Brit.Co has a few ways to make the reunion all the more easier for you two.

  • Adjust to less personal space and alone time because now your space is taking up two people. In the beginning of being together again, all of your time away from work and other commitments will be with your partner simply because it has been so long since you could be together before now. Enjoy it!
  • Figure out a night time routine that works for both of you. If you're a night owl, but they are an early riser, this may be harder than you think. Try your best to compromise on this early in the process because no one likes to go to bed alone when they live with their partner.

The excitement of living together (finally!) after so many months or years can overshadow any issues that may be popping up. Be careful of that, and enjoy this new phase in your relationship.

(via Brit.Co)

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