I recently moved in with my partner, and I am discovering new habits of his that I never noticed before. It's a good thing, I swear! But I saw that Bustle had come up with a list of things that happy couples do before bed, and I wanted to know if we did any of them. See if you and your mate do any of these things, too.

  • They have conversations instead of just going directly to sleep. If you and yours like to talk to each other before bed (even though you've been talking all day long probably), that's good! Hopefully the conversation never lags for you two.
  • They put their phones away so as not to be connected to anyone else but their partner. This is important because maybe you've been connected all day and now need to reconnect to the person you share a bed with.
  • They have sex (obviously) which is what sharing a bed is all about! Right? A healthy sex life is definitely part of a healthy relationship/marriage. It's the one thing you can fulfill for the person you love most.

Bedtime routines are important to everyone, single or in a relationship, and to be able to keep those routines once living with someone else is a great sign of a good relationship.

(via Bustle)

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