The end of your lease is coming up and you're realizing that, maybe, you don't want to stay where you are anymore. You've been with your partner for a while now, your friends like him, your family adores him, perhaps you and him should consider living together. But how do you know you're ready? According to Bustle, these are a few ways to help determine if you are.

  • It feels like the natural right step especially if you're already spending most nights at each other's houses. If you're toothbrush and contact solution are already in his bathroom, and you keep a spare change of clothes in his closet, then this may be the right next step for you.
  • You've gone on a long vacation together and enjoyed the extended amount of time that you spent together without wanting to kill one another. If you can enjoy each other's company in a small hotel room for days on end, you may just have a good thing going.
  • This isn't just to save money on rent because finances are a tricky conversation to have, so if that's why you want to move in together, then you may want to keep talking about it and see what other solutions you come up with.
  • You already know what annoys you about them and have accepted that you still love them in spite of their flaws. No one is perfect, so it's best to see the dirty laundry first before you move in together.
  • You've fought and learned how to communicate which is key. If you two haven't learned how to communicate yet, nothing (not even living together) will be able to solve your problems.

Living together is a new kind of commitment, and remember, someone has to do the dishes. Good luck!

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