Maybe you hurt your back lifting something, or pulled a muscle lifting weights, or if you are like me, hurt your neck looking quickly at a beautiful girl walking by with a pizza in her hand. Here's an easy way to relieve that pain.

Swearing has been shown to actually relieve physical pain, such as stubbing your toe or slamming your finger in a door. And that's not all. Cursing also helps with the suffering of social distress, such as a broken heart or hurt feelings.

A study from the psychology researchers at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, have determined that swearing works to alleviate social and physical pain by diluting the intensity of pain and by distracting the person in pain.

There is a catch though, swearing is not a quick fix for those who are experiencing serious emotional pain from grief, abuse or trauma, and clinical care may be needed in these cases.

And, the study also wants you to make sure that you are not swearing in the presence of children.



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