We all have a list of things that we would like to do... someday, and when that someday comes then we'll finally feel like an adult. Bustle explains that we need to stop putting off these milestones and just commit to the fact that our childhood/college years are over with.

  • Finally opening a savings account so that you can put a little bit of money away for emergencies, or just to make money off of your money with interest. That's a cool thing, right?
  • Learning to cook and having a signature meal that you're known for by your friends. It's neat to first, be able to feed yourself, and second, be able to feed your friends. Not to brag, but I can bake really well...
  • Buying real furniture and I don't mean from IKEA, but actual pieces that you'll want to have the rest of your life.

Being an adult can be a little scary, that's when you know that your parents are not going to pull you out financially if you mess up somewhere along the way. But it's also a great feeling to know that you are responsible for yourself, and you know what? You got this!

(via Bustle)

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