The problem with relationships is communication...TOO MUCH communication. OK. I'm just picking, but sometimes it doesn't have to be so complicated.

Some believe the best way to improve a relationship is with lengthy conversations about your feelings, your hopes and dreams and the ever-popular debate of "where is this relationship going." It's true you can improve your relationship with the right words - but it doesn't have to be a deep discussion every time.

According to, here are some phrases that every dater should learn to use:

"Tell me about it."
If your relationship is going to go any further, at some point you'll need to graduate past the small talk. This phrase will help you ease into deeper conversations and learn more about your date. You'll also make the impression (hopefully accurate!) that you're a great listener.

"I'll try that."
Show that you don't let your life get stale. Who wouldn't love a date who'll try fresh adventures, whether it's tasting an exotic dinner selection, taking up a daring new hobby, or testing out a new move between the sheets. Getting outside your comfort zone requires confidence in yourself and a degree of trust in your date - two things sure to bring you closer.

"What makes you think that?"
It's unlikely you and your date will always agree on everything (and how boring it would be if you did). But disagreements can bring you closer or pull you apart, depending on how you deal with them. When your date expresses an opinion you don't share, instead of informing them on the 10 ways you think they're wrong, ask why they feel that way.

"You are a really ___ person."
Superficial compliments are nice - "You have such pretty eyes," etc. - but the novelty quickly wears off. A better idea? Recognize something amazing about your date's character and not how she fills out a sweater. Try something like, "It was so thoughtful of you to [drive me home, ask about my job interview, bring a chew treat for my dog]," or "You are such a [generous, honest, witty] person. "

"How did it go?"
Show off how well you've been paying attention during previous dates and conversations. Think back on what you talked about. Did she mention a work deadline? Did he refer to a fun weekend plan? Ask how it went and-voila!-instant connection.

"I Love How You..."
"I love you," is nice, but not enough. What's much better? Feeling indispensible and unique and that you are uniquely appreciated. Be more specific about what it is you mean when you say you love him/her. Confess your affection for the cute way she wiggles her feet when she's falling asleep, or his uncanny way of always ordering the best dish on the menu.

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