Social media and the internet have been forming our world in so many ways since they came into the mainstream of society. Bustle says that there are ways in which social media is changing our brains and the way in which we think.

  • Improvement of memory because events that were shared on a social media platform are much more likely to be recalled than those that were not shared online. Unlike a photo album, social media enables us to remember and recall events and people that you could otherwise forget.
  • Disruption of sleep which you may have heard about before, but social media and your electronic devices could be to blame for your broken sleep pattern and inability to fall asleep at night.
  • Messing with your nervous system, think about it, have you ever heard someone else's phone vibrate but your leg twitched as if it was your phone in your pocket? Weird, right!?

The internet can do a lot of good, but just like other fun and exciting things, it is best enjoyed in moderation. You'll sleep better, and your nervous system will thank you for it.

(via Bustle)

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