Sometimes all it takes to make a situation better is a little change. Everyone has been bummed out about last year, so why not implement a few small changes into your life to try and make 2017 great? Here are a few changes you could consider making.

  • Take fifteen minutes each night to make your mornings easier. Pack your lunch, prep your coffee (invest in a coffee pot that automatically starts brewing at a time that you can set!) and pick out what you're going to wear the next day. These little things save you so much time in the morning for a little extra Zzzz.
  • Do something nice. Have you sent out thank you cards to those who gave you gifts over the holidays? Have you volunteered lately?
  • Change your bed sheets. Put new sheets on your bed every Sunday. It will help you feel more refreshed going into the week.
  • Face your fears! This could be the year you finally face your fears that have been holding you back. Take a public speaking class or learn to box; try something new to help you face what you're afraid of head on!
  • Soak up the sun. Even though it is bitterly cold right now, try to get outside everyday for some vitamin D. I don't mean just walking to your car, but consider a little half mile around the neighborhood.
  • Don't let your phone wake you up. Buy an alarm clock and use that instead. A cell phone will remind you of all the e-mails you need to respond to, the calls you need to make, etc., first thing in the morning. That's stress that you can put off for a few more minutes if you keep your phone in a different room at night.

You make think that some of these little changes may be hard, but start out one day (or night) at a time. Before you know it, these great new things will be second nature to you.

(via Buzzfeed)

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