New Years Eve is only a few short weeks away, but because of the CRAZINESS, it's smart to start planning now! Where are you ringing in the new year? Home? Party, Restaurant? Bar?

I know for many of you it's probably a dream to watch the ball drop right in Times Square, but there are sooooo many people! You have to camp out all day in that spot and generally (a lot of times) people use the bathroom right where they're standing... And Times Square is not the only place to have a crazy and awesome New Years!!!

Numerals To Be Used In New York City's New Year's Eve Celebration Arrive In Times Square
Photo by: Andrew Burton, Getty Images

Well Wallet Hub looked at over 100 cities in the U.S. to determine the top 8 best cities to celebrate new years eve in this year! They factored in things like how safe each place is, how good the fireworks are, how much it costs, etc. (New York ranked 38th, mostly because it's so expensive!)

But here are the top 8 cities to celebrate New Years Eve 2016!!:

1. Orlando.

2. San Francisco.

3. Atlanta.

4. Denver.

5. Buffalo.

6. Cincinnati.

7. Miami.

8. St. Louis.

Now Buffalo is the closest city for us to go celebrate in, and hey it's only like a 4 hour drive!! So get a hotel room, go downtown and live up New Years Eve in one of the best cities for it!! & if you do, don't forget to send us pictures!

[VIA: WalletHub ]

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