If you think donuts in place of wedding cake or photo booths at receptions are only just wedding trends, you may find out how these things are affecting weddings themselves. Brit.Co explains how weddings have changed in the last ten years, and some of these are surprising!

  • Couples are marrying later which is something that has been going on for decades, but in the last the average age has jumped from 26 (for women) to 30.
  • More is being spent on engagement rings now than ten years ago. The average price tag was $2,600, but it has almost doubled in ten years to $5,000 for the average ring.
  • The period of engagement is longer as well for couples, who in 2007 would be engaged on average for about eight months, but now most couples are engaged for 13 months or more.

More than ever, people are meeting online, so if you're still looking for love (and all of these weddings that you're being invited to are bringing you down), consider opening your browser and look in places on cyber space that you never would have considered before.

(via Brit.Co)

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