For the best advice, ask a divorce lawyer. They have seen it all when it comes to why a marriage won't last; all the drama, petty fights and obvious red flags. Here is a compiled list of signs that your marriage may end up in divorce.

  • You and your spouse give each other the silent treatment. Instead of working out your problems, you both just shut each other out. Fighting is normal, and healthy, in any relationship, but if you just don't talk to each other, it doesn't speak well of long-term success.
  • Your sex life is lacking. Time and time again, divorce lawyers hear that a couple hasn't had sex (or "good" sex) in years. While that may not be the ultimate reason for the divorce, it is a major contributing factor to it.
  • You and your spouse have very little in common. While it's true that opposites attract, you can't assume that the qualities about your partner that made you fall in love with them are going to keep your marriage together.
  • Your careers come before your family. This will lead to an eventual resentment of the one of you who isn't as career-oriented as the other one.
  • One of you (or both of you) are not honest about your spending habits. Going into a marriage unaware of your new spouse's spending habits could be a big wake-up call when you find out that one of you is frugal and the other one is in mountains of debt from overspending.

Communication before and after getting married is key. Have the money and family talks before you even agree to "I do" to save on the heartbreak later if you find yourself in a divorce.

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