Unlike a romantic relationship, we sometimes see friendships as lasting forever, but that may not always be the case. Bustle says that there are a few signs to look out for if you think your friend might be trying to break-up with you.

  • They don't seem interested in your life anymore which can be a gradual slowing of attention, fewer text messages over time, less questions about how you are, or how your pets/significant other/family members are.
  • They are no longer inviting you out to parties, for drinks or any other event. This could be a slip of the mind, but if you're noticing that you're being looked over more often than not, it could be your friend's way of breaking up with you.
  • They keep making excuses when you ask them to hang out, and that could hurt if it becomes a pattern that you see from them. Maybe they are going through something, but it could be that they no longer want to be friends with you.

It's definitely hard to lose a friend, but looking out for signs that they may be pulling away from you, and maybe addressing the reasons for it before you lose the friendship entirely might be an option for you.

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