Make life a little bit easier by keeping your home organized. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

  • Stay ahead of the mess. Don't let a week's worth of mess pile up! Instead of doing laundry once a week, do a little at a time throughout the week to make the task a whole lot less daunting.
  • Fold as soon as things come out of the dryer. Napkins, towels, jeans, what have you, as soon as they come out of the dryer, fold them to avoid wrinkles.
  • Create a space for everything, and make sure everything goes back to its' space! Invest in plastic containers for storage and make sure that every place is clearly labeled.
  • If your basement doubles as storage, buy a shelving unit and designate a wall just for storage to keep things organized.
  • If your utility room doubles as storage, do the same by buying a shelving unit and designating a wall or specific space just for organization.

And ask yourself when you're putting things away, do I really need this? If you haven't worn that sweater in three years, will you really wear it again? Donate what you won't wear or use to save on space in your home.

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