This might come as a shock to those who know me and who know how obsessively I keep my house clean, but cleaning is the bane of my existence. Being compulsive about having a clean house and the actual act of cleaning are two very different things.

Trust me when I tell you that I would have enjoyed doing anything other than what I did last weekend which was phase two of spring cleaning. Phase one was a couple of weekends ago when I did a massive organization overhaul of our basement which somehow turned into the catchall room over the winter. Phase two of spring cleaning was way more intense. I put on an old, paint-stained t-shirt, torn sweatpants, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and got really down and dirty,  purging from my home all of the things we really don't need anymore.

I'm really glad that my husband was along for the ride when it came to helping get things cleaned and organized because there were times that I wanted to give up, but my husband was there with positive reinforcement and constant reminders that the faster and harder we worked, the sooner it would be over.

If spring cleaning is on your radar, the Huffington Post has an amazing list of things you should purge from your life right off the bat and these are five of those things.

  • 1

    Old Letters, Photos, and Such

    I was cleaning out the trunk in my living room that I use as a coffee table and found photos and cards from one of my first boyfriends. We're talking a boyfriend from like 20 years ago and one I've not uttered a word to in about 18 years. Yeah, I was definitely hoarding unnecessary memories. If you've got stuff like that- toss it. Especially if you're married.

  • 2

    Makeup You're Not Using

    Everyone knows you're not supposed to hold on to makeup forever because it can harbor bacteria and do all sorts of nasty stuff to your face. If you have makeup that you don't use regularly, toss it. Unless you want to smear bacteria all over your face, but I'm guessing you don't want to do that.

  • 3

    Ages Old Gadgets

    Your old pre-paid flip phone that you haven't turned on in 10 years because you can't find the charger is the perfect example of something you should stop holding on to. Just toss it. No, really- you won't even realize it's gone. I know, I know. Flip phones are back and cool again, but really, Just toss it.

  • 4

    Things That Are Broken

    Ugh, I'm awful at holding on to broken things because I always figure that I'll get around to fixing them some day and I never do. If you've been holding on to something for over a year waiting for the perfect someday to come along, just toss it before your 'fix it' pile gets so big that it suffocates you.

  • 5

    Old Papers

    If you've got a drawer in your house filled with papers- maybe manuals and expired coupons, and random receipts (I unashamedly admit that I, did), it's time to go through that stuff and toss what you don't absolutely need to keep. Once you've cleaned out the pile of papers, file away the rest.