Clutter can pile up faster than you can figure out how to get it under control. Other than the inevitable stress of trying to learn how to combat the clutter, there are health-related issues that come with having clutter in your home. Bustle says that clutter around you can actually change your brain.

  • You're overloaded with stimuli as there is a lot in your visual field and processing all of it all of the time can overwhelm your brain. Clutter is not really necessary or important so the excess stress can hurt your brain over time.
  • Your attachment to these possessions can become overwhelming which is a dangerous field to navigate if and when you try to let go of these items. Placing value on things that really have no value can make tossing them even harder than it already is.
  • You become more impulsive the more stuff that you have because what's one more knick-knack, right?! If you are more picky with the things that you surround yourself with, you will be much less likely to impulsively add to your collection of things.

Spending time and money on things can affect how you feel about them, and that can make tossing or donating them incredibly hard. However, the health issues that come along with clutter really need to be noticed and addressed.

(via Bustle)

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