There is a bit of a twist to the Olive Garden's Annual Pasta Passes. You now have a chance to buy a lifetime pass too, but it's extremely limited. Here are the details.

It's back! Olive Garden is offering its popular Annual Pasta Passes this week and they are throwing in a chance to upgrade to their Lifetime Pasta Pass.

According to, you will be able to purchase the Never Ending Pasta Passes this Thursday, August 15th at 2pm. You will have to act quickly because you only have thirty minutes or until they sell out. They usually go fast. They are one hundred dollars apiece and you can get them at

Once the passes go on sale, the first fifty people to buy the Annual Pass, will have an option to upgrade to the Lifetime Pasta Pass for an additional four hundred dollars. If you do buy the Lifetime Pass, you will get unlimited pasta, soup, salad and breadsticks for your entire lifetime.

Last year the Annual Never Ending Pasta Passes sold out in one second. That's twenty-four thousand passes at one hundred dollars selling out in one second.

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