"Every employer in New York State is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training.'   

That is one of the very first things you'll see in a  portion of the NY.Gov website that deals specifically with sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Makes you wonder if Governor Andrew Cuomo had the same harassment video training as the rest of us.  I mean, some of the things that Mr. Cuomo's reputable accusers claim he did are things that are literally straight out of the "absolutely do NOT do or face MAJOR consequences" portion of any harassment video.

Cuomo's latest accuser (his 6th) according to the Times Union, said the Governor invited her back to the mansion to help fix something with his cell phone. Once the two of them were alone  he "closed the door and allegedly reached under her blouse and began to fondle her."

According to News Channel 13, a hotline was created for people to provide information in the Gov. Cuomo sexual harassment investigation 

Here's how you can reach it:

(212) 225-3100 (voice messages)

(518) 545-0870 (text messages)

Email: independent.investigations@ag.ny.gov

This hotline will serve a useful purpose and I hope it enables more women to feel comfortable coming forward, but it really is quite sad that it has come down to this.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something that should always be taken very seriously, and I'm hopeful that for for the most part, it is.  Employers have come a long way in making sure that everyone knows there is a zero tolerance policy at work when it comes to sexual  harassment.  Nowadays, there are people you can talk to without fear of being persecuted if you step forth.  Crazy to think that this wasn't always the case. 

Who knows if Mr. Cuomo watched these videos.

I think it's safe to assume he did, but sadly, he didn't think the rules applied to him.

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