Man in NY Makes Amazing Mechanical Spider [VIDEO]
We've some some extraordinary Halloween homes right here in the Capital Region, but this display in western New York is next level mastery.  The man who engineered this incredible mechanical spider that literally climbs down a gigantic web and hangs in front of his entire house, is a Halloween maste…
CDC Warns of 'High Risk' Thanksgiving Behavior
Thanksgiving is less than two months away and there's a pretty good chance you'll be doing a fair amount of traveling, shopping and gathering with friends and family.  In a year unlike any other, the CDC has listed specific guidelines that they claim will keep you and your family safe…
'Work From Home' Toys For Kids - To Be Just Like You [PIC]
During the pandemic, many parents were forced to work from home and some still are. They have been spending more time with their kids and as a result, they are modeling their behavior. Now you can buy your kid a set of toys so they can play-work alongside you.
First Suspicious Seeds-Now Mysterious Masks
A couple of weeks ago, random people throughout the United States were getting suspicious seeds in the mail. The latest is an unsolicited package containing a face mask. Here's what to do if you receive one.
Free NY State Tuition Program in Jeopardy
There is another program in jeopardy for New York State college students. This one is for New Yorkers who are able to attend state colleges tuition-free. This program may not be available because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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