Texting has become such a normal way in which we communicate with other people that we often don't think twice before sending certain kinds of messages. Bustle believes that there are some messages that should not be sent, but instead deserve a call or should be communicated in-person.

  • Breaking up with someone should never be done through text messaging. It says that you don't respect the other person and that you never took the relationship seriously at all. I know that it's easier to type out what you want to say, but never ever break up with someone over a text message.
  • Announce a death over a text message or group chat window looked at as disrespectful to the person who just passed, and it's not seen as proper etiquette. Instead, call the person or people that need to know, and if they don't respond, leave a message asking them to call you back.
  • Announce a pregnancy which is similar to a death in the sense that it is a big life event and it should not be announced casually through a text message.

A large part of creating good relationships with other people is communication, and how you choose to communicate says a lot about you and how you feel towards the other person. Take appropriate things seriously and discuss things in the ways that they should be discussed. Odds are, that isn't through a text message as easy as it is to send one.

(via Bustle)

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