Due to some serious health complications, I had a brutal pregnancy but had I known then that I would never be able to experience the miracle of growing another baby again, I would have tried a bit harder to find more positives in my experience.

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Although I'd been told before I got married that I would never be able to get pregnant or if I did, I wouldn't be able to carry my baby to full term, I got pregnant so quickly after getting married that I took it for granted that I'd be able to again. That was six years ago and while I'm overjoyed to have a child that I was never promised, my heart aches that unless there is serious divine intervention, I will never experience pregnancy again.

One of my newly pregnant friends recently reached out and asked me not to share the horror stories of pregnancy (because everyone is so happy to share them) but rather to share my favorite moments. I found that as I thought back on my pregnancy, there were some really great things. These are the nine things I miss most about being pregnant.

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