With Mother's day next weekend, I thought it would be fun to see how other countries celebrate the holiday. Brit.Co put together a list of Mother's day traditions from all around the world.

  • Finland has a tradition for Mother's day in which each year the country's president honors a specific group of mothers that has been nominated by their community. It years' past it has been foster mothers, mothers who are raising special needs children and single mothers.
  • China has a floral tradition surrounding Mother's day, where the United States loves to give carnations to moms on this holiday, the citizens of China prefers to gift their mothers with tiger lilies.
  • Ethiopia gives mothers three days filled with celebration instead of one day like we do here. Everyone works together to make a massive meal and then there is singing and dancing all to honor mothers. How fun!

While once a year is nice to celebrate mothers of all kinds (even dog moms!), acknowledging the work that moms do for all of us every day is even better.

(via Brit.Co)

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