We've all heard the myth as children that if we swallowed chewing gum that it would take our bodies seven years to digest it and have our systems pass it out. Was there any actual truth to that or was it just an "alternative fact"?

According to the Mayo Clinic, chewing gum generally slides right through our systems without much of it being digested at all. However, in rare cases it can block up a child's intestines if gum is swallowed in large quantities when the child is already constipated.

Doctors don't recommend swallowing chewing gum because there is literally zero nutritional value in it, plus it is also a choking hazard.

As far as vices may go though, if you are prone to the occasional (or more) piece of crewing gum, and you accidentally swallow a piece, you'll be fine. You will probably pass it in a few days.

[via Delish]

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